Catherine Rogers

A Voice For The People.

Catherine is a longtime Haverhill resident and has decided to throw her hat in the ring for Haverhill City Council. Catherine has lived in Haverhill most of her life and has deep roots in the community. She has spent most of her life a small business owner and has worked as a local real estate agent for over 15 years. Catherine has worked alongside the city in many ways, such as with new construction development and issues regarding small businesses. She offers a first-hand understanding of the issues facing our city and is excited to make a difference.

As a local real estate agent and home builder, she sees first-hand how much we need housing. The market is currently going crazy because of issues with supply and demand. Haverhill needs to grow in ways that make sense for the infrastructure in place and for the needs of the city.

Our farms in Haverhill are part of our History. One of Haverhill’s biggest selling points is its diverse landscapes. We need to preserve that in any way possible to make sure we keep Haverhill character.

Haverhill has some of the lowest taxes in the area. We need to keep taxes low while also improving our schools, streets, public parks, and so much more. We need to make sure we use our state and federal money in the most effective way possible to support our citizens.

“Haverhill City Council has been working on some very important issues regarding our great city over the years. They’ve done impressive work and I can’t wait to bring a fresh perspective to the city. I have seen the issues that our city has faced and I feel that it’s time I give back to make a difference. I can’t wait to gain your confidence and hopefully your vote!”